A plus has been introduced to the market since 2012 as the enhanced version of its previous entry level model.The key feature is the iconic Gantan modular control system.

Modular control system is the control system developed by Gantan,each heads is control by an independent control unit, completely interchangeable and with no inter-connection nor interference between different heads.

How it was started…..

2008  Initialisation of the ‘multihead weigher’ project

Development for the new project ‘ multihead weigher ‘ was initialised in 2008.

2009  Founding of Gantan

Gantan was officially registered in April this year. In July, the first Gantan weigher was delivered to the customer in Israel.

2010  New Production plant

In March this year, Gantan moved to its current production plant which has more than 7000 sqm from its first facilitiy which was less than 1000 sqm

2011  1st Interpack and Modular weigher

Gantan had its first international appearance at interpack. And the new B SERIES modular weigher was launched at the show. It has been considered till today by many the most user friendly and advancend Chinese weigher.

2015 Duadruplex 24 heads

In 2015, Gantan has introduced the first Chinese Duadruplex weigher which is capable of making 4 dumps at the same time and reaching max speed of 240 wpm.

Till now

Gantan is still committed in becoming the best producer in China for premium and high quality multihead weighing solutions. It just got started…..